Hey all,

A few days ago, I got bureaucrat and admin rights! This now means I can revert edits, make other people admins and help even more around the wiki.

Today, I finished school and now have an 8 week break, so lots of time for editing! I will be adding all the treasures, making more categories, templates (which are my fave part of editing for all who don't know) and... *drum roll*... releasing this wiki to the Haypi Community!

If you do find this wiki enjoyable and do play Haypi Kingdom, feel free to edit! Don't worry if you think you aren't good at editing anything, it's really fun and just have fun. Besides, I'll be making guides on this wiki aswell on some coding. I'll also be putting up rules for this wiki, so don't think you can get away with vandalising.

Thanks all,

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