• Haidro

    Bureaucrat Rights Achieved!

    December 7, 2011 by Haidro

    Hey all,

    A few days ago, I got bureaucrat and admin rights! This now means I can revert edits, make other people admins and help even more around the wiki.

    Today, I finished school and now have an 8 week break, so lots of time for editing! I will be adding all the treasures, making more categories, templates (which are my fave part of editing for all who don't know) and... *drum roll*... releasing this wiki to the Haypi Community!

    If you do find this wiki enjoyable and do play Haypi Kingdom, feel free to edit! Don't worry if you think you aren't good at editing anything, it's really fun and just have fun. Besides, I'll be making guides on this wiki aswell on some coding. I'll also be putting up rules for this wiki, so don't think you can get …

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  • Haidro

    How work is so far

    December 4, 2011 by Haidro

    Hey all,

    This is my first blog post, just describing how I am going at the moment.

    I found this website around a month ago all lonely with the inactive founder Wolframite (He doesn't have a user page, but he has a talk page) and one admin with 10 edits.

    I love playing Haypi, so I decided to edit it up a bit, with my knowledge of wikis from editing the RuneScape Wiki. I added some pages, around 50 and counting! and added some templates, which are still currently in work as I'm trying to get the Tnavbar to be on the same line as the header but on the left.

    I have also asked wikia to let me adopt this wiki (a.k.a, become a crat/admin) and it is taking some time D:.

    By the way, no one is probably reading this when I post this, but if your from the …

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